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Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together!

In your lifetime you will spend over 200,000 hours in bed. To be ready for the day ahead, you need an ideal sleeping environment. After all, sleeping better helps us live better.

We showcase over 100 different bedrooms, with something for every style (contemporary, modern, and designer) and budget. For example, we have a walk-in wardrobe which lets you store 100 ties and pairs of shoes, with just the right lighting to help you make your choice.

In our mattress studio you can try about 30 different models with accompanying slat bases from famous brands like Femira, REVOR, Velda and Bugatti. Match the size, material and firmness to your needs. Custom shapes and sizes are also available, as are electrically-powered adjustment systems.
Don´t forget to check out our range of upholstered beds. A large selection of accessories and bedding from the textile department completes the selection.