Elephant Parade® Trier – Luxemburg We were part of it!


Artist: Tom Kree
Sponsor : Möbel Alvisse

Location: Corner av. de la Porte-Neuve / rue des Bains

Welcome to the Elephant Parade opening in Luxemburg, Place d’Armes, on the 17th. of July 2013 at 4:30 pm.

From the 19th. of July to the 18th. of October 2013, during 3 months 95 artistically decorated elephants will be decorating the main squares in the capital of Luxemburg aswell as in Germany’s oldest city .

The Elephant Parade® is world-wide  the biggest open air art exhibition in the public city areas showing approximatively 1,50 m big elephant baby statues. Every elephant is a unique piece of art.


Be part of it…!